Winter is coming


Today marks the start of a very important time for some students at Marion High School. The Winter Sports Rally is an annual event that is put in place to get the members of the MHS family excited for yet another season of fun. Anastasia (Anya) Schobert, ’19, is going to be participating in this as she is in winter cheer. She, ’19 said, “It’s for basketball, wrestling, winter cheer, and bowling. The competition cheer is performing and the winter cheer squad is cheering and doing two stunts.”

It’s a great way to kick off the new season and get the teams spirits up. The support and love the student body has for each other is truly amazing. It goes as far as to even rearranging schooling schedules around sporting events to allow students to go support each other. The faculty is really great with understanding that school is important but being there for each other is as well.

Tonight the Winter Sports Rally will be held in the Red Gym at 7:00 pm. There will be lost of fun things to see and do. Come help to support the athletes that work so hard to balance school, jobs, and sports!


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