Why Winter Formal keeps flopping


Winder Wonderland seems like the perfect theme for a dance, but for some reason, the winter formal keeps flopping.

Despite the student senates efforts, the dance they have planned for the winter isn’t getting enough tickets sales to make it worth it, so its gotten canceled last minute for the past couple of years. Breckin Bartles, junior, is a member of student senate and helped planned last years winter formal. Bartles and the rest of the student senate members spent the time to plan a great winter formal. But for some reason, there weren’t enough students interested and the dance was canceled.

Some wonder why this idea of a winter wonderland dance keeps flopping. With only 35 tickets sold, student senate wondered if it was something they did and they were coming up with some ideas to make it work in the future, “If we advertised it more that may help,” said Bartles. With homecoming being just a few months prior and being the most popular dance, that could also be a reason for the lack of interest in the dance.

Delanie Rice, junior, did not attend Winter Formal last year. “I didn’t know we had one,” said Rice. Rice is a very involved student and was unaware of the dance, so maybe Bartles point of more advertising could make the dance.

Bartles also has another idea for why the dance isn’t working and it’s about the winter dance that used happen every year, WPA. “Before I arrived at the High School WPA was pretty popular. WPA stands for women pay all. So personally I think all of the gender movements have changed the thinking on WPA. That is why we tried to change it to the Winter Formal.” Even with the new gender-neutral name, it still didn’t get the attention that was hoped.  

Even though some students aren’t interested in the concept of a winter dance, some have tried to help and some not so much. “Every once in a while I hear a couple suggestions, but for the most part, they are just absurd suggestions,” said Bartles.

Although Bartles hasn’t heard any talk or plans of a winter formal for this year, Bartles still has some hope for the future of a winter formal. Bartles said, “If Student Senate makes more attempts at a Winter Dance then come to it! They are actually very fun!”


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