Why hate web filters?


Web filters: most students hate them and how much they limit their computer usage, sometimes even when they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Most of the time though, it blocks people from playing games when they should be doing schoolwork. Despite this, people just love to hate on them for simply doing their job.

People often complain about web filters blocking a lot of legitimate websites that they get research information from for class projects. But let’s be honest here, most of us just want to slack off and play games in class instead of doing actual work. We shouldn’t be on these websites in the first place, and yet we still complain when they’re expectedly blocked, and even if you were doing work and a website was blocked it’s not that hard to simply ask for it to be unblocked.

With the new Chromebooks this year came a new IT guy, Zavier Clark, who is responsible for maintaining the web filters. During the first days of the new web filter, Spotify was inexplicably blocked by the new web filter, and many students filed complaints to him about it. Zavier was quick to help by unblocking Spotify, Pandora, and other music streaming services. If something is blocked that you think shouldn’t be blocked, all you have to do is ask him to unblock it and he’ll review it and determine whether it truly is a legitimate site.

People have to understand that these new Chromebooks are not ours, they are property of the school. And property of the school is to exclusively be used for school-related things, i.e. actual schoolwork and games.

Not only are sites blocked to keep students on track, but are also blocked so as to protect against viruses and possible threats. There are many different shady sites with a bounty of different malware attempting to get onto your computer, and because these laptops are school property, of course they’re going to protect their property and block sites that may be considered shady or a possible threat. And one way of doing so is by having said filters and security measures in place.

It’s important to remember that these filters are in place to protect the school’s computer system and to keep students on track and productive. If you ever do come across a legitimate website that is mistakenly blocked, all you need to do is bring it to IT’s attention and it will be resolved. These computers are exclusively intended for schoolwork, and these filters and security measures do just that. So why do people still complain?


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