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Two formerly famous rappers and entertainers all of a sudden got into some hot water between each other. Chris Brown and “Crank Dat” Soulja Boy, hit artists of the 2000s are apparently in some beef with each other. This feud has been ramped up once again from their 2009 altercation from Chris Brown’s domestic violence against artist Rihanna which sparked controversy. DeAndre Cortez Way also known as Soulja Boy was known to be hanging around Rihanna after the incident. Comments made by Soulja Boy sparked up the feud again.
There have been reports on a boxing match being set up sponsored by Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather has reportedly been training Way in preparation for the fight. Mike Tyson has reached out to Brown in training him for the fight, so people are starting to think that is going to be a real thing and going to happen. Tyson and Brown are also reportedly working on a “diss track” targeted at Soulja Boy. 50 Cent has also reached out to Mayweather in sponsoring the fight also and even offered to put in money as an award for the winner.
Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have been friends and working partners ever since the beginning and are almost like family. Brothers fight though, then after the fight they shake hands and walk away.
A possible location in the United States for the fight is highly unlikely. There are rules and regulations including a mandatory drug test that will block this fight going down in the U.S. Las Vegas was the first option for the fight but now people are saying Dubai is the front runner currently for hosting. Brown and Way believe they could cash out as well if the fight is aired on Pay-Per-View. The three round fight is slated for March if it follows through.


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  1. Wyatt James Ehr on

    Very upset that you referred to Soulja Boy as “formerly” famous. He is one of the most influential voices of our generation and should treated with a higher level of respect. Very saddened by this. 🙁

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