What about the unknown sport?


Pretty much everyone knows about the existence of major sports like football and soccer, but what about the lesser known sports? Take archery for example. Some might be asking, “archery is a sport?” The answer to that is yes. Being a lesser known sport, one might ask why someone would even do a sport like archery. To answer that question, Taylor Johnson, junior, will tell all.

Why would someone want to do a sport like archery? For Johnson, it was a different way to approach sports. “I didn’t want to do any winter sport that requires physical exertion so archery sounded like a good idea to me,” said Johnson.

For Johnson, that turned out to be a decision she wouldn’t regret. “I’m glad I did archery,” said Johnson. “It turns out, I’m not too bad.” One competition she competed in recently gave her confidence in her abilities. “I went to Prairie and I did pretty decent,” said Johnson. “I didn’t do the best or the worst, but that’s enough for me.”

It turns out that her performance is good enough to get her on the varsity group, too. However, Johnson seems to downplay how good she really is. “You go to so many practices and so many meets, and that’s basically how you get on varsity,” said Johnson. “Granted, you have to have at least some skill, but you get the idea.”

While pretty much everyone knows about existence of the major sports, sometimes it’s fun to learn about a sport that one has never heard of before. Some people may even find that the sport they’ve never heard about become their new favorite thing to do. One of those people is Taylor Johnson.



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