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By: Baylea Bruce @Baylea_Marie [Yearbook Editor]

Hearing the roar of the crowd and the rumbling from students stomping in the bleachers, Tanea Westhoff, junior, gets ready to serve the ball. She goes through a pre-serving ritual that is unique to just her. She glances over at her coach, hoping to serve the ball in the middle of the desired zone. Feeling the adrenaline she quickly smacks the ball and rushes into the back row, ready to pass the ball when it returns. This adrenaline rush and quick pace of the game is exactly what Westhoff missed while she had to sit out due to a code of conduct.

Westhoff had to sit out for the beginning of the volleyball season, but has finally been able to play the last couple of weeks. Though she went through with her suspension, Westhoff did not agree with the final ruling. “I was disappointed that someone went out of their way to damage my volleyball career all over a picture of me and my mom,” she commented.

While some may think that Westhoff’s teammates may be upset with her, nobody really made a big deal about it. “My team will always have my back. They weren’t mad at me because everyone agreed that it was stupid. They were mad because I couldn’t play,” explained Westhoff.

Isabella Sade, also a junior, explained how they dealt with the loss of a key team member. “We missed her experience in the back row, but we had to find a way to win without her. We figured out a way to compare without her, but having her back is a benefit for the team,” elaborated Sade.

Westhoff may be glad to be back in the game, but she has some pretty big shoes to fill since she will be taking over the libero spot from graduate Abby Phillips. “It’s an honor to fill those shoes. I looked up to Abby,” shared Westhoff. She  was already libero last game so she has already shaken out any nerves that she may experience.

Despite all of her setbacks, Westhoff is looking forward to a successful season. “I think we’ll do great things, and winning state is definitely on our list,” she proudly stated. Westhoff and her team are ready to move on and travel the road to state together.

Tanea Westhoff, '17, cheers with her teammates, something she is excited to do with her return to the court.

Tanea Westhoff, ’17, cheers with her teammates, something she is excited to do with her return to the court.


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