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Walking in the doors freshman year, one tries their hardest to figure out their schedules, stay out of people’s way, and adjusting to an entirely new environment. Fast forward four years. Senior year. The last and final year of high school. Putting on a cap and gown and walking down the stage to accept one’s diploma is just around the corner. Senioritis is finally coming to an end. Graduation is here and so are graduation parties.

Nathan Jared, senior, is excited to be making his way across the stage and onto the next chapter at Iowa State University. Graduating is bittersweet and exciting for Jared. “I will miss my friends and being in the band, playing in the marching band, and some of the teachers,” he said.

Jared has enjoyed his time at Marion and has overall learned a lot over the course of his four years. “Marion has taught me to do good in school and to be a leader especially with some of my classes. It has taught how to be in charge and make sure every knows what they are doing,” Jared said.

The hallways that have become so familiar are no longer going to be walked by the class of 2017. The transition to college from high school is similar to walking into high school as a freshman. It’s a fresh page in a new book. “The biggest difference is going to be not knowing anyone and having to make all new friends and adjust to living on campus,” Jared said.

Graduation party season is here which can come with a few hardships along the way. “The location was hard to find because we planned it later so there wasn’t a huge time frame that we could do it,” Jared said. But, besides a few inconveniences, Jared is very excited to celebrate his graduation.

Graduation parties are meant for gathering to celebrate one’s accomplishments with either friends or family, or both. “I’m most excited about seeing family I haven’t seen in awhile that are there to help me celebrate,” he said. Darian Brandt, senior, is also having a graduation party. “My favorite part was looking through all the memories from high school that I have,” Brandt said.

The time has come for the class of 2017 to say their goodbyes and begin on their new journey.  


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