Toxic Waste


In the rush of being a teenager and taking part in not only school but also extra curricular activities, it’s hard to find time to take care of ourselves. With a strict mindset of wanting to please others and succeed the afterthought of self care is just that. An afterthought. Choosing to give up toxic activities and/or friends can be really demanding and stressful to do when someone just wants to be comfortable.

Change is difficult, most can agree that completely dropping a friend out of their life isn’t an action that can be taken immediately. It sometimes takes the most life changing experiences to even realize that a person was toxic in their life in the first place. Making the step to cut the person out of their life is when things can get dicey. It’s important for people to always surround themselves with friends that will be there to motivate and support them. When someone is given the chance to get rid of the toxic, having a close friend by their side will only help in falling through with their choice.  

Along with a support system, trusting yourself is so important. If a person doesn’t feel right about a certain person/activity, there’s no need to force themselves into an uncomfortable situation. Always trust your gut instinct. If something is making you uncomfortable speak up, your voice deserves to be heard and your opinion matters.

Not only can there be toxic people in students lives, there can be troubling behavior. Whatever this behavior is to the reader is up to them. Taking the chance to ask themselves what in their life is affecting them negatively can be the first step into diving into a more positive life. When the negative is found, sometimes it’s hard to figure out an action step. Yes, we know what’s wrong, but what needs to be done in order to fix it? This goes hand in hand with having a support system. Having a mentor, a friend or even a parent that can help give the tools and reinforcement in their life can really help relieve unwanted stress. When supportive people are found in their life it can bring so much weight off of their shoulders and get rid of the stresses in life.

Finding balance in our daily routines will not only make life easier to manage, it’ll bring a positive outlook to the world around us. Remembering to stay motivated and to surround ourselves with loving and caring people will help us succeed. It’s all about getting rid of that toxic waste.


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