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By: Kayla Berry [Feature Editor] @kaylaaa_001

The lights go down, the crowd is silent, the curtains open, and Sophie Reider is ready once again to play a role in her school’s play.

This year, the MHS fall play is titled “Front” and it is about perseverance on the homefront during WWII. On the nights November third, fourth, and fifth, tickets cost seven dollars for adults and five dollars for students. Reider and the whole cats of “Front” have been preparing since the beginning of October, which is when auditions were held. Some of the good experiences the cast has had while preparing for this weekends performance include getting their scenes just right and memorizing their lines. “You get goosebumps when the scenes are perfect and when everything just clicks,” Reider said. But before the lines were memorized and the scenes had clicked, there were some things that the cast struggled with. “There were communication errors so people were showing up on the wrong days for things,” said Reider. The communication errors weren’t the only thing that Reider and the cast struggled with. That struggle was that people weren’t showing up for practices,“ It’s hard to run scenes if people aren’t there to say their lines . It’s also hard to do blocking because there are people missing in certain spots,” Reider said. The last thing that was a struggle for Reider and her fellow cast mates was a somewhat small struggle compared to their other problems, the castmates messing around and goofing off.

The practices go just like any person would think, the cast runs lines, make backdrops, do soundboard and lighting, and countless other things. Ways that the cast has been preparing are running lines outside of practice and remembering that you’re a character and not yourself. “Remembering that you aren’t you,” Reider says,“ helps with the awkward scenes.

As the last scene of the night finishes, Reider and all of her castmates can look back on what they’ve done and feel proud about it


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