The value of leadership


There are many people that turn away from the opportunity to be a leader. Being a leader is a monumental task at times, requiring effort and commitment that few are willing to give. Few people rise up the challenge that being a leader presents, and even fewer excel in rising up to that challenge. Not only does Nolan Freymark, senior, excel at being a leader, his actions suggest he was born to be a leader.

Freymark is now in his second year of being on student senate. Freymark has moved up the ladder from secretary his first year to vice president this year. He wouldn’t make this progress without displaying leadership roles that his other classmates may have lacked. Freymark also earned himself an officer position of National Honor Society this year. To be on National Honor Society, one has to display qualities that set themselves apart from the majority, most often being qualities that leaders possess. And to add onto his impressive list of leadership roles, he is now the bowling captain.

Becoming a captain for a sports team doesn’t always happen just because you’re popular with the team. It takes a set of skills that few have: determination, commitment and willingness to be the example. “We nominated people for team captain and the rest of the voted on me,” said Freymark, “I think the team saw good leadership qualities in me.”

Being a leader gives someone an insight into how the rest of the team will perform. “We’re feeling pretty good going into our first meet tonight against Monticello,” said Freymark, “hopefully rotating people in and out consistently will get us a win.” Freymark hopes that the team’s first meet tonight at 4:00 pm in Monticello will show that the team is on track to go to State and potentially bring home a championship.

Not only does being a leader give Freymark an insight on the team’s status, it gives Nolan a chance to look attractive for colleges, businesses and etc. “It will definitely look good on a resume later on,” said Freymark. Each opportunity to lead has also gave Freymark a chance to try out different methods to figure out which ones work best. “I’ve implemented different leadership styles in the different clubs I’ve been in,” said Freymark, “which helps me adapt to various situations easier.” At the end of the day, being a leader is meant for few people, but for even fewer, they are just born to do what many will not do.


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