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Every few months there is some kind of popular show that catches the attention of most teens. Right now that show is “13 Reasons Why.” It’s the new cool show on Netflix and is very perplexing.

Delaney Rice, freshman, is watching “13 Reasons Why” and plans on finishing it very soon. Rice said, “It teaches you to be kind and how your words can affect others.” She likes the show and also learns a lot from it which benefits her every day.     

There has been many tweets and facebook posts about this dramatic and mysterious show. It has brought tears and smiles to viewers. It’s very relatable to the normal high school setting which is probably why the viewers are mainly teenagers.

This show is about a girl who commits suicide, but leaves 13 tapes of why she chose to die. Each tape is about one specific thing or person. The main character, Clay, is trying to figure out why he is part of the tapes and why everybody else has watched them except him. Clay and Hannah, the girl who killed herself, had a close relationship and he doesn’t know exactly what he did wrong.

Halle Medland, sophomore, is in the middle of watching “13 Reasons Why” and loves it. Medland said, “It makes me want to keep watching the next episode because you’ll never know what the next tape will lead to.” She will continue to watch the show in her free time and hopefully cure her suspense.

The big thing that many teens do is binge watch. Binge watching is where you watch shows and episodes over and over all day long. When “13 Reasons Why” came out many people watched the whole season in one day. “13 Reasons Why” only has 13 episodes, but they are around one hour long so it’s very time consuming.

According to most, it’s very suspenseful and keeps you on your toes. If one needs something to talk about at lunch or get in the loop with the new popular thing, they could always watch “13 Reasons Why.”    


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