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Without a doubt, I can say everyone has watched or at least heard of Birdbox. Bird box is a Netflix original movie, starring Sandra Bullock. Bird box is a drama/thriller the films synopsis’ explains, ”Five years after an ominous unseen presence drives most of society to suicide, a survivor and her two children make a desperate bid to reach safety.” The movie quickly became and TV sensation with over 45 million Netflix accounts watching it in the first seven days.

A big question behind the movie is what are the monsters. Everyone you ask seems to have a different answer. Some suggest the basic concept of mental illness while others suggested things such as social media or the fear of parenthood. According to Forbes, the movie is about how people’s disabilities or illnesses can protect them.

If one thinks about the monsters can really represent whatever you would like them to. With the whole social media theory, one can talk about how people opening their eyes is like someone creating a social; media account. Instead of it killing you like the monster do it causes one to be self-conscious, compare themselves to others or even get sucked into the fake news crisis.

Another theory is the fear of parenthood, during the entire movie Malorie or the main character doesn’t appear to enjoy parenthood, it shows the downs and even up she experiences on this long journey. She has to deal with the struggles that every parent faces along with added difficulties from the disaster amongst her. In the end, you see that she realizes she actually does care for these children and that they actually mean something to her. Besides the possible meanings, I stated there are tons more.

The more people who watch the movie the more theories there will be. We will never know the actual meaning unless the writer of the book Josh Malerman tells us.



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