The last strand


Each student is unique in their own way. The way they talk, and the way they walk. Nothing about them is completely similar. Some say the eyes are the window to the soul, but here the hair is the window to each of their own creative flow. Brevin Hahn, ‘19, prefers his natural look. “I like letting my fro flow,” Hahn said.

Julia Funck, ‘20, enjoys her style of dyed hair. “I love doing it, I just like standing out and being different,” Funck said. Having the free will to do what she wants with her hair is freeing. She gets to express who she is with a splash of color on her head. For others, it’s not just about being themselves, it’s the attention given with a new style. Neva Kibler, ‘20, doesn’t change her look often, but when she does it’s not ignored. “I usually only do something this crazy to get a reaction out of people,” Kibler said. When people are looking, Kibler is thriving.

Some don’t go for out of the box colors or the imaginative hairdo’s. They just want a simple ‘do that keeps them settled. Talia Parenteau, ‘21, likes to keep her hair simple and sweet. “I keep it straight, so it doesn’t get frizzy,” Parenteau said. Sometimes the most straightforward looks are the most preferred. Olivia Webber, ‘20, keeps her look uncomplicated and just straight up takes care of it. “I wash it every night, sometimes I do a little hair mask, yanno’, treat yourself,” Webber said.

Throughout our school filled with people from every background, each student has a story to tell. Whether big or small everyone goes through the good and the bad. But, almost each student can agree that hair is something to bond about. It’s something simple yet so unifying, the sheer fact of expressing oneself in such an unique way brings everyone together.


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