The hallway disaster zone


By: Mia Laube @Mia_Laube21 [Newspaper Editor]

Walking down the hall at school is like a box of chocolates- you never know what you’re going to get. There are a variety of nose-assaulting smells and a maze of flying elbows to make a simple stroll feel like navigating through the jungle. If everyone agreed to stick to basic hallway conduct, the school would be a better place.

One of the main problems is that people are unaware that there are other students in the hallway, and it is not just them alone. If people are clearly swerving in an uncomfortable way to avoid another student, that person in particular could make better efforts to share the hallway. Receiving a good old shoulder check into a locker definitely puts a damper on a cheerful mood. Also, it hurts like heck when a random door swings open with no warning and smacks somebody right in the hip, guaranteeing an unfortunate bruise later on.

Another issue is idlers. Some students find it necessary to stand with their friends while everyone is trying to get to their next class. This also is a root cause for hallway swerving, which many learn to develop as a skill as they mature into high school.

Not everyone creates these problems, it is sometimes repeat offenders. There are many observers and victims in the unfortunate hallway situations described above. However, if the mistakes are not corrected, there will never be improvement for the people affected.

If everyone watched their surroundings and behaved accordingly, students would be able to pass from class to class unscathed. Being inadvertently shoved and having to loop around clusters of dawdling people are not fun activities. To improve the situation, everyone could just go with the flow and keep their eyes open for other people in their path.

Students and teachers attempt to safely make their way through the hall during passing period.

Students and teachers attempt to safely make their way through the hall during passing period.




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