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On February 14, 17 students in Parkland, Florida were killed due to a school shooting. This day was a day of crying, screaming, yelling, and mourning. Many families were affected by this one way or another. This has been the 18th school shooting of 2018. Many schools around the world have decided to do something for all these people who died, so some schools are having a walk out. It is where students go outside for 17 minutes for the 17 people that lost their lives. It is a way to honor those who died, and taking a stand against gun violence.

Here at our school many kids will be going out of school, to go by the flagpole and stand there and talk about what happened, and take a moment of silence to remember the families who have suffered from this tragedy. Abby Schmidt, a sophomore, is one of the many students who will be attending the walk out on Wednesday. This tragic news affected her in many ways. She was angry, and disappointed that this happened. “I was disappointed something like this happened, innocent people lost their lives,” she said. Hearing about this school shooting have kids in shock all over the world. It is something that no one expected would happen. No family expected to not have their kid coming home ever again. “The people that lost their lives, even those who got hurt in any way were just like us, not knowing or thinking this would happen to them,” said Schmidt. People shouldn’t be worrying about coming into school every day. They should come to school feeling safe and knowing that their friends are safe.

Mr. Greg Semler, high school principal, gives 100% full support on what our student leaders have decided to do for the school shooting in Florida. “I’m proud of the student body, leaders, who decided to take a stand and support the families that have lost a loved one,” said Semler. This will be a nonviolent protest, in fact it will be a very peaceful protest to show that we care for others. “Student protest shows that they care about those families who lost a loved one,” said Semler.

This has touched people in many different ways. Many people are alarmed by this, many people are sad by this and many people are hurting from this shooting. This should be a time where we all come together as one and give our full respect to all those affected by this tragic incident.


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