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With the end of winter sports season comes the happy but sad event, senior night.

Senior night is the night that the teams, students, and community honor the seniors for their hard work and dedication to their sport. It’s a happy moment for the seniors because they get recognized for all they’ve worked so hard for, but it also can be a sad moment because it’s also the mark of their either their last home event or last event in general. All the years they’ve dedicated to the sport for this school is over.

Autumn Hardman, senior, has been on the poms team for MHS since her freshman year and has made some great memories with her team. “My favorite memory is our van rides to state or camp, that’s when we’d have a lot of fun,” said Hardman.

With so many great times and memories being made, makes leaving the team even harder. “All of it. I am going to miss my team and the coaches and going out on the floor to perform with them,” said Hardman. She may not get to perform with this team for much longer, but the memories will last forever.

Cappra Svoboda, senior has also been on the poms team with Hardman since her freshman year. The girls on the team have grown very close together over the years. “I am going to miss all the girls. We’ve become a family or like sister,” said Svoboda. The team was always there for each other like a family would be.

Being a part of a team as long as Hardman has been, has taught her a lot. “I’ve learned a lot from being on the team. The most prominent thing is that I always had something to go to when I’m stressed or not feeling well. Dancing and the team has always been something to help get you through the good and bad times,” she said. Dancing is an outlet for many people, but having a team behind her has made it a great way to deal with the good and bad times.

Tonight might be the last night Hardman will be performing on the Marion Poms Team, but will most likely not be her last time dancing. “I’ve thought about trying out for the Kirkwood team in April, but dance takes a really hard toll on the body. It also depends how I feel without dancing. Doing something since I was three then just stopping it, I’m not really sure if that’ll sit right with me,” said Hardman.

Through the years both Hardman and Svoboda have learned and grown so much, and those memories and lessons will stay with them forever. Dance has been a part of their lives for so long and will continue to be a part of their lives.


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