The controversy between work and basketball games


Is attendance important? Is work an excuse? Is the seniority card relevant? All of these things are taken into consideration when different sports teams make it to state.

The girls basketball team made it back to state again this year, and it has stirred up discontent between students who have attended the games and others who have not attended due to work or other conflicts.

Rhys Regan, junior, firmly believes that people who attended the girls basketball games should get to sit in the front row. “I went to every game possible. I should get front row because I’m at every game and I don’t see why who gets front row should change just because it’s state. If you don’t go to a single game, then you shouldn’t get front row,” he said.

Parker Ridge, senior, believes that seniors should always get the front row. “I have a job and I work five to six days a week because I need to start saving for college and that’s why I haven’t been to any games,” he said.

Regan believes that a person can at least attend one game during the regular season. “If you don’t go to a single game all year and then expect to get front row just because you’re a senior then you don’t have the right to pull the seniority card,” he said.

Ridge feels the pain that many underclassmen feel about not being able to sit in the front row even though they attended the games. “When it came to state as a lowerclassmen who went to all the games, I was also frustrated with the fact that seniors who didn’t go to the games just waltzed into the front row, so I understand the frustration,” he said.

Regan thinks that work isn’t an excuse. “Kids that aren’t seniors that go to all the games and cheer their hearts out should absolutely sit in front of seniors that don’t go to games at all,” he said. “If you have to work as much as you say, then why don’t you have to work during state?”

Ridge believes that students should be there to support the girls, not to bicker over who gets front row. “At the end of the day we are there to support, not to fight each other. If people feel the need to wake up at five in the morning to go stand outside and wait to be the first ones in the door, then so be it. I’m just going to be there to support the girls because I haven’t been able to this year,” he said.

Although Regan and Ridge both have separate opinions, everyone should keep an open mind and focus on what they’re for in the first place.



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