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There are many books that often leave a lasting impression on people. Some that touch hearts, make people gasp, and maybe even a couple tears. Very few times can a book do all three, but now that book is at the touch of your fingertips. This book is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

This book is not only impressionable because of how well written it is, but because of the plot and theme of the story. The book follows Starr Carter, a teenage girl living in Garden Heights, or as some would call it “The Ghetto”. She attends a party, as any teenager would, and leaves due to gang violence. She leaves with a long time family friend, Khalil. On the way home they get pulled over. The reason for being pulled over is unknown, but Starr doesn’t get time to process what happens until she watches her best friend get shot by a police officer, while he is unarmed.

In this book readers can relive the terror, and struggles of being a young African American woman in a death defying neighborhood, while also being able to explain issues that are current problems in America today.

The Hate U Give is in one word: important. This young adult contemporary novel gets across a word that would otherwise be hard to explain: racism. This novel explains issues of race in one of the best ways for teens to understand: empathy. Teens can understand the feelings through someone else in that they will be braver to stand up for what they believe in, and help solve problems that have been going on for decades. Not only is this book a good read for avid readers, but is also a great story for literary english classes. As it should be taught in classes for teens to understand this ongoing problem. This riveting story lets people understand the issues that most would not be able to say they experience on a daily basis.

It should be known that this books faces difficult issues, and is important to understanding the totality of race issues today. Anyone who thinks that people should stand up for what they believe should read this modern day tale. This one book can change almost anyone’s view on how they see things, and encourage others to do something about it. The Hate U Give will not cease to be important, even with all the hate it gets.  



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