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Students have been told over and over again in health classes and throughout everyday life that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet a good chunk of students still don’t eat anything in the morning. Breakfast has been proven to have actual health benefits and can change a student’s performance in classes and other activities for the better when they start their mornings with something to eat.

One of the most common excuses amongst the students that don’t eat anything, is that they don’t have time to. This can be a valid excuse in certain situations, but there are so many quick, grab and go breakfast options and the school offers breakfast that offers many delicious options. “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” Graham Guyer, sophomore, said, referring to not having time to eat breakfast in the morning. Time is such an issue for many students. When a student doesn’t have the time to eat or doesn’t have anything to eat at home, they can just go through the lunch line for some nutritious breakfast that will kick start them for the day.

There are also a large variety of recipes that are prepare the night before or a few nights before so in the morning a student can grab it, microwave it if needed, and head out the door. There is an endless number of quick and easy breakfast options.

Another common excuse is that when students wake up they aren’t hungry. They might not physically feel the hunger, but the body is actually very hungry. The term breakfast can be broken up into the words break and fast. Breakfast literally breaks the fast because most people haven’t eaten since dinner or a late night snack the night before so their body needs a source of energy to make it through the day.

Eating breakfast is also good habit to get into because it helps develop healthy habits for students in the future. According to the US Department of Agriculture, eating breakfast can improve a student’s standardized testing scores, improve their memory, and helps students pay more attention in class. Eating breakfast also can make the chances of students acting out lower resulting in less suspensions and punishment.

The food that people eat in the morning is what gives them the energy to get through the whole day or at least up until lunch. “It starts my day and gives me the energy to do my activities,” said Kayla Berry, sophomore.

Whether it’s something as small as a granola bar, piece of fruit or a big, pancake, bacon, and egg meal, students should strive to eat something for breakfast to kick start them for the day so they can perform at their best level in class and other activities.


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