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Phones: they’re something we can’t live without. No matter what kind of phone one has, the same information and basic functions are available. However, in the ongoing search for bigger and better, phone users must make the choice. One debate that has existed for a while now is the difference between iPhones and Androids.

Jilliann Mossman, sophomore, has an Android and thinks highly of her choice. “There are a lot of features. It makes communication easier,” she said.

However, in her mind, the phone could be even better. “The camera quality on Snapchat is bad. It’s not the same as an iPhone. But I always hear a lot of problems with iPhones like contacts deleting, and that doesn’t happen with Android,” she said.

Another student who recently joined Android users is Sydney Nielsen, sophomore. “I broke two iPhones,” said Nielsen. Consequently, she had to make the switch.

If Nielsen had a choice, she would stay part of the iPhone community. “Androids have short-lasting battery and they don’t have iMessage or Facetime. Mine gets really hot. Also, messaging takes forever and it shuts down randomly,” Nielsen said.

However, she conceded there are still good qualities to the other kind, especially for herself and others that may drop their device often. “iPhones break easily, and Androids can break but not as easily,” Nielsen said.

Matthias Steen, senior, is one student who left his Android behind for Apple. “Good features are security, accessibility, and the amount of people who use iPhone. They’re set up simpler, so it makes it easy for new people to use them,” Steen said. It certainly makes messaging flow better when the majority of people have the same kind of phone.

Steen knows the phone will never be perfect, and he has certain changes he would make if given the opportunity. “The new iPhone doesn’t have a headphone port, and iPhones tend to be really expensive,” Steen said. No matter what type of phone one chooses to use, there will always be a handful of positives and downsides. That’s a given in the technologically-driven age we live in, and 2017 promises much more to come.

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