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By: Baylea Bruce @Baylea_Marie [Yearbook Editor]

Ask any member of the older generation and they will explain just how much technology has changed, and maybe why it’s the reason that society is spinning out of control. However, in this generation we live and breath technology. These advancements in technology have lead to amazing things happening all across the globe, it’s allowing you to read this very post. Technology is constantly changing and moving forward, but we have been experiencing some minor setbacks in our technology.

While the list of things that need to be updated or changed at this school can be long, the one that should be at the top of the list is figuring out how to get our internet up and working. Not so students can check Twitter and Instagram instead of listening to the riveting subject they’re in, but so what they’re learning can be riveting. Technology enhances learning in so many different ways that it has become a necessity to everyday learning. Instead of filling out boring worksheets, students can go on virtual tours or perform an experiment. This enhances both the experience and understanding.

Administrators have been working hard to come up with a solution to all of our tech problems, but all last week the working internet was at an all time low. This equates to about a week of lost learning. In just about every class there was a good amount of time where students awkwardly stared at the teacher while they frantically clicked and prayed that the video they were banking on would load. When it didn’t, students were either given a random worksheet, read out of a textbook, or ‘participated’ in a group discussion. This is by no means the teachers fault, but it did throw a wrench in the flow of the classroom.

While many agree that technology is an important part of school, few say that they miss the good ol’ days when all they needed to rely on was pencil and paper, which never disappointed. These people often forget that at one point writing on paper was new material. The same things were probably said from making the leap from writing on slates with chalk. Technology is the way of the world. Having the skills to work with technology has become necessary in today’s business world. Depriving students from these skills would deprive them from a fair shot at a good future.

The internet was down for nearly the entire week, a problem that should be number one on the list to fix.

The internet was down for nearly the entire week, a problem that should be number one on the list to fix.


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