Team work makes the dream work


The Marion Girls basketball team is famous for their integrity and hard work they put in too every second of every game and practice. The work they put out gives off amazing results and the coaches push the girls to do their absolute best all the time.

Riley Wright, freshman, has been playing basketball for nine years now and plays on the varsity team. She loves the atmosphere of the game and the friendships she has developed. “I love how we’re not just teammates, we’re friends. We push each other at practice and after practice we are still close,” Wright said. Cloee Kraft, sophomore, has been playing for five years. Being apart of Marion’s team can give the girls a push to always be the best. “There’s a pressure to always win,” Kraft says. So far the varsity team has lost zero games and they plan to keep it that way.

In order to do good every player must always put in as much as they can consistently and constantly. By doing this players will soon develop skills they once lacked. “My defense has gotten better. It’s hard to see where everybody’s at sometimes,” Wright said. Wright’s efforts to work on the things she struggles on helps her grow, making her an important part of the puzzle. Kraft tries her best to always stay in tune with the team. “I’m pretty energetic during games. I’m intense which can be intimidating,” Kraft said. The individual strengths of every teammate all fit together to make a team that’s almost impossible to beat.

Winning is great and being successful as a team and an individual brings hefty benefits, but the the payback from the things learned while on the team is even greater. “It’s taught me to be mentally and physically tough,” Wright said. With players putting in max effort the team will almost always be given success. The hard work they endure only makes them better. “We should be a great player, but we should also be an even better person in general,” Wright said. These words were once said to Wright and they have stuck with her ever since. The motivation every single player receives helps make them a better teammate, and it also tends to make them an individual that’s full of integrity. “Things are gonna be difficult, but you just have to persevere through them,” Kraft said. Being a good person isn’t hard and the teammates work to make sure they are the best versions of themselves in every aspect of life, including the game. 

An unbreakable bond has been shared between this team and the life lessons learned make for great victories. If one wants to see the wonderful atmosphere the team brings of anticipation and excellence both teams will be playing against Benton on Tuesday, December 12th at 6:00pm in the red gym.


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