Teacher’s pets in the classroom


Teachers pets need some new tricks. No not teachers pets as in dogs or cats like one might have been thinking but teachers pets as in those peers who go above and beyond to make sure they’re the favourite student in the class. Teachers pets have been using the same tricks for to long and people are tired of it.

The teacher asks a question and a hand shoots up. The same hand that has shot up it seems for all the previous questions too. The class rolls their eyes as they subconsciously label this kid “the teachers pet”. The teachers pet is usually also known as “the suck up” or possibly “a goodie two shoes”

Teachers pets are disliked by most because of their constant effort to be the teachers favourite through actions like raising their hand for every question, acting like a know it all, and just sucking up to the teacher.

People don’t appreciate this and are tired of teachers pets being favoured despite this annoying behavior. Teachers pets should quit sucking up to get what they want and teachers should try to stop this from happening.

Some teachers may enjoy or encourage the actions of a teachers pet but that’s not a good thing. Teachers pets should be taught they can’t become a teachers favourite by sucking up all the time because teachers shouldn’t have a single favourite student.

Some ways to try to get less people to become teachers pets or to get people who are teachers pets to stop are for teachers to make it clear they don’t pick favourites and for students to know when they are acting to much like a teachers pet and stop it because they know others don’t like it.

Most people just don’t appreciate favoritism displayed to one person versus another and the peers of a teachers pet get tired of listening to the constant talking between them and the teacher. Teachers pets can be a distraction and the effort made to be the favorite is not appreciated by other students.


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