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With the state game approaching fast, the volleyball team is working hard to get each integral part of their winning system perfect. The back row is working on perfect passes, the front row practicing their jaw-dropping spikes, and the coaches working on perfecting all the little things that could help win the title this year. These are all important pieces, but there’s one more thing that needs to be at tip top shape to help motivate the team: the student section.

While many may not believe it, the student section does play a part in helping the team. DeLaney Rice, freshman, believes in the support from the student section. “The student section has a huge impact on the team,” she said.

Not only is the intense cheering exciting for the students, it has the same effect on the team while they’re playing. “They keep the energy up at all times, and they make the games more exciting,” Rice said.

“What motivates us to keep going is the state championship title, and also the student section and the fans help a lot,” Camryn Cannoy, senior, said. Whenever the team is down, the pressure is on the student section to pick the girls up, and help motivate them to keep going.

Cannoy agrees, saying “The student section is a big help to our success with them being so loud and energetic. It helps keep everything and everyone up and going.”

With such an important game coming up, the team is working double time to gain that perfection that could earn them the state title. “We have been working really hard in practice,” Rice said.

Xavier is a strong team, so Marion’s girls have been setting goals for going up against a tough opponent. “Our main goals are to make it a competitive game, but still have fun playing,” she said.

“We’re all excited and anxious, but can’t wait to play,” Cannoy said.

In such an intense time for the varsity team, the student section is more important than ever. Students packing the stands and cheering for the team could help make the difference between winning and losing. It’s up to the students to motivate their team and help them keep pushing.


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