Stress-free Valentine’s Day


By: Mia Laube @Mia_Laube21 [Newspaper Editor]

Valentine’s day is coming soon- the time of year everyone shows appreciation or love to each other by means of gifts or time. Couples scramble to get each other gifts to be cherished, and they try and make it perfect. But through all the Valentine’s Day craze, sometimes people forget that being together is supposed to be fun, too.

In some cases, teenage couples take each other too seriously. They forget that they’re young and supposed to be having fun and enjoying their high school years, when everything is still simple. It’s ridiculous to treat the day like a married couple would.

For instance, girls should not expect expensive jewelry and boxes of pricey things they retweeted on Twitter. Guys should not feel pressure to make it perfect or ruin their girlfriend’s day, and girls shouldn’t have to feel the stress of making a reservation or elaborate “plan.” The best way to have a great day is to be together and make no-stress plans.

Watching movies in sweatpants is a perfectly acceptable Valentine’s Day, and even though it may not be ideal to some people, the little things are what really count. Spending time with friends or family is also an option because they deserve some love too, and are truly the only people who will be with you forever.

This is not saying that it’s entirely terrible to have an over-the-top day; not everyone prefers the same thing. Some couples enjoy the gift-giving, while others don’t want anything to do with it. Gifts are fine and really sweet as long as nobody expects their boyfriend or girlfriend to break the bank for them. To each their own.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t take it too serious. Have fun and don’t make it more than it needs to be. A holiday is a time to celebrate, certainly not to create stress.

Watching a movie or making simple plans is the ticket to a fun and easy Valentine’s Day.

Watching a movie or making simple plans is the ticket to a fun and easy Valentine’s Day.



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