Staying motivated to the end


It’s the last quarter of the school year. Each day that goes by seems to take longer and longer, with the anticipation of Summer constantly on the brain. Pretty much every student is itching to get out into the warm sunshine and have no cares. But there’s one thing in the way, 4th quarter. How can students stay motivated to get to the point of a care free, relaxing summer?

Sierra Cochran, 19’ is just as ready to be done with the school year as anyone else but knows she has to get through these next long weeks. “I’m motivated just enough to come to school and get through it,” she said.

Many students need some way to stay motivated at this point in the year. For Cochran it’s simply her future that motivates her.  “I know I need to get good grades to take harder classes next year and to get into a good college after that,” Cochran said. Some may need more to be motivated enough.

Having goals make staying motivated a little easier because then the student has a reason to work hard to accomplish something. “My goals for this year are to pass all of my classes with hopefully A’s,” she said.  Setting a goal for what grade to get in a class, time limits for assignments, or even just to pass a class are good forms of goals that can keep a person motivated.

Summer is right around the corner just out of reach for students. Getting there is going to be the challenge. These students will have to find the motivation to get there and finally achieve a stress free Summer.


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