State speech raises excitement for performers


Acting, public speaking, and much more makes what is the speech team. Many do not know what speech actually consists of, but there is a lot more to it then just talking. Speech teams gather together in a variety of events from improv, musical theater, mime, and many more. This weekend the speech team will go to Washington high school and compete against a variety of different schools.

Sophie Reider, junior, loves participating in speech. The events she is in are improv and mime. “I made state speech in both events which is really exciting,” Reider said. She is very excited for state speech this weekend. “Seeing other schools perform and finally getting to perform after all of this hard work is so exciting,” Reider said.

Emily Cejka, sophomore, also made state speech. She is participating in ensemble this weekend, which is a script that you act out with a group. “I am super excited to watch our musical theater group and to perform,” Cejka said. She enjoys participating in speech and finds it easy to manage it with other school activities. “My favorite part is acting with my group and watching other schools perform,” Cejka said.

Kaylie Johnson, freshman, has enjoyed her time in speech so far. Making state as a freshman is a huge accomplishment, and she is very intrigued for what this weekend holds. “I am super excited because it’s my first year in speech so it is really cool that I’m going to state already,” Johnson said.

The hype is up for everyone to perform this weekend, and even possibly getting an all state recommendation. The performers have to get a judge recommendation to make it to all state, so everyone is practicing hard and getting ready to steal the show.


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