Spring break or burden?


In the desert of the school year, there’s one final oasis before summer: spring break. Students are allowed a brief solace from the daily grind and escape to relax. However, spring break isn’t always relaxing. For some students, spring break is a busy time. From vacationing to partying to working; break may not so peaceful after all.

Dawson Schmidt, senior, spent his spring break in Orlando, Florida with band and choir kids for their biannual spring trip. “I traveled to the different theme parks with my friends, and I had a blast.” The trip was fantastic, but also exhausting for Schmidt. “The traveling was a little more stressful, because you’re traveling to someplace new. You have to prepare for the unknown and things, but if you’re staying home it’s usually pretty relaxing,” he said.

In contrast, Macey Lovell, junior, stayed at home in Marion over spring break. “I worked a lot, and I hung out with friends,” she said. Lovell felt very refreshed “because it was a break from everything.” Lovell enjoyed her break, but said “I’d rather go places.”

Work or play, snow or shine, spring break is the final opportunity for students to recharge before finishing out the school year. It’s an opportunity to have the adventure of a lifetime, or maybe just the nap of a lifetime. Regardless, spring break 2017 was a one for the books for the students at Marion High School.


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