Sometimes two homes are better than one


  When people think of divorce they think of packing up their things every weekend, arguing parents, and a broken family. This may be the case for some families, but there can be many good things that result from a divorce.

Sometimes divorce is the best option for parents that simply no longer love one another. It is scary and it’s not an easy transition, but sometimes children find that they would rather have parents who are happy separate rather than be unhappy together. It’s a fresh start.

   Divorce typically means one parent moves out and they split whatever is within the household. While this seems like such a hassle, on the positive note, it means two rooms, two fridges, two beds, and two places to call home.

   Another thing that can come with divorce is the parent falling in love again. It might feel unnatural at first, but eventually, happiness overtakes that emotion. It’s important to be patient and open minded throughout the whole transition.

Although it may seem like everything’s falling apart, sometimes it’s actually falling into place.


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