Slackening school spirit


By: Mia Laube @Mia_Laube21 [Newspaper Editor]

As one walks down the halls of the high school, they will see a small number of people dressed up in costumes and creative outfits, while everyone else is donning regular attire. It is spirit week this week, and for some, the school spirit of their fellow classmates appears to be dwindling. A few students like Jacob Deeter, senior, have dressed head-to-toe in crazy outfits every day.

For Deeter, it is fun to dress up according to each day’s theme. “It’s okay to be weird about it,” he stated of his outfit choices, whether it be dressing in full football gear or walking around in a gorilla suit in years past.

There are spirit days for every person to enjoy, and the majority of students do not take advantage of the opportunity to be a little goofy without being judged. “I think [students]are embarrassed,” Deeter commented on the lack of student participation for spirit week. The few kids who do dress with the theme are stared at like they are the ones who are not wearing the right thing.

One thing is for sure, there needs to be an increase in involvement. “I don’t know how to get [kids]pumped up, maybe they could make the prizes better,” he suggested. The goal is to have as many participants as possible every day.

“I think it would be really fun if everybody did it,” Maddie Bach, senior, said. It would certainly show that Marion has a lot of school spirit.

Many posts and comments have been made about the lack of school spirit that is reflected by Homecoming week this year. “Not a lot of people do it, but I still think we have school spirit,” Deeter concluded. It is possible that everyone will show more excitement as the Homecoming game, dance and festivities draw closer.

Although there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm for dressing up, it is still Homecoming week, and students are buzzing with excitement. Crazy outfit or normal clothes, nearly everyone is ready for the weekend of fun to begin.

Student, two dressed up and one who decided not to participate, eat lunch together.

Student, two dressed up and one who decided not to participate, eat lunch together.


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  1. Is my name really important on

    I understand ppl are entitled to their opinion. However, I think its a strong word when saying students have decided not to participate in spirit week.
    That’s not necessarily true. Many can’t afford to create a costume, some just don’t have many of those items just laying around the house. Additionally, many students are already insecure about themselves and things like this may make them uncomfortable

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