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A cough, A sneeze, or bad food. Any one of these things can cause one of the deadliest things known to man. Sickness. Anyone who has been in a public place like a school, store, or even the bank knows that sickness travels like the wind. With it being the Winter conditions it’s been, it’s almost impossible to avoid the airborne pests that travel into our bodies. According to the CDC the year of 2018 is already one of the worst for the dreaded Flu.

One student, Becca Haugen, sophomore, knows exactly how bad the Influenza virus has been this year. Haugen contracted the Influenza B virus mid January, and is just now starting to recover.

Being a student in 600+ school it’s rather simple to contract sickness. Haugen explains that this flu has taken an extreme toll on her. “I definitely wasn’t feeling good, it hurt to breathe it almost felt as though I had a rock on my chest.” Haugen said. Dealing with 102 temps, a bad cough, and bronchitis is no simple task. From the flu it should be enforced that students stay home when battling illness. “Some parents make their kids go to school, even if they are sick,” Haugen said. One of the best, and natural remedies for getting over the flu, or any sickness is sleeping. “Students need to stay home and sleep a lot because then the body can just focus on fighting it (illness),”  Haugen said.

Having the flu took a chunk of time out of her education. “I have two F’s in my classes because my teachers put in zeros for everything I missed, while I was sick.” Haugen said.

Having a severe sickness is no happy walk in the park. Not only did Haugen miss her fair share of school, but also missed an important part of her competition season. Haugen suffered with the flu through the last week of January causing her to miss the Lincoln, Nebraska show choir competition. She was even blocked out the show for time being due to the sickness at hand.

Luckily Haugen was able to treat her flu before it escalated to something worse. For Grace Serfoss, junior, escalation is exactly what happened. Serfoss suffered from the flu then pneumonia over the course of 2 weeks. “I had the flu the first week and it was never treated, so it formed into pneumonia.” Serfoss explains. Due to the fact Serfoss did not treat the flu, she had to be put under intense medication for it to be treated, “I was on a nebulizer and super strong medication,” Serfoss said.

Part of the reason sickness has been spreading so quickly is due to the fact students will come to school while sick. Serfoss explains that, “People don’t realize they have it until it’s too late, and there’s a lot of false negatives with a doctor.” Serfoss also missed a large portion of school, having to drop 2 classes, and missing the same show choir competition that Haugen did.

Winter sickness isn’t completely unavoidable, but it’s easy to control. If someone is sick covering one’s mouth, or nose when coughing or sneezing can prevent getting others ill. Both ladies agree washing your hands is one of the best way to prevent sickness from spreading. Soap and water is a healthy bodies’ best friend, and the common cold’s worst enemy, so wash your hands whether or not you are sick. Keeping away from sickness is one of the most important factors already in the 2018, so making sure keeping a healthy body, or routine is a priority. If you are starting to feel sick, get it checked out before it gets too out of hand.


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