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By: Mia Laube @mia_laube21 [Newspaper Editor]

Lots of students may have spent their weekend on the couch, watching games, or relaxing. However, for the students that participate in show choir and the show choir band, they spent those few days in a whirlwind of hotel rooms, dresses, songs, dances, and the overall craziness that comes with a show choir competition.

This weekend, the Revelation and New Creation show choirs were in Omaha, Nebraska at Westside High School for the Competition of Excellence. “This was our second year going,” said Sydney Brase, junior, “last year [New Creation] placed thirteenth overall, and this year we placed seventh, where the top six make it to finals,” They definitely improved, and will continue to do so.

Addie Schindelar, freshman, went to Omaha for her first year as a show choir performer. “We got fourth. I think we did good. We’ve definitely improved from the first competition,” Schindelar said. Last competition, Revelation moved on to the finals after placing first in their division.

Competitions are partially the actual dancing and singing, but they’re also a lot of having fun and making memories with old and new friends. “The people in the other groups were really friendly, we always seem to get along well with them,” said Kaitlyn Askelson, sophomore. There is down time to meet people from other places, just like other extracurricular activities.

The groups improve with every performance, and no matter what, give their best. “We definitely upped the caliber of competition from last time,” Brase said.

When the weekend is done, the performers are glad that they choose to spend their weekends doing something meaningful. “The show choir and everyone involved is awesome. I love spending my weekend with them,” said Brase.

When the day is done, the dresses packed away, and the shoes back in suitcases, the show choir performers must head home. Activities like this are great to join because no matter the outcome, most would agree the experience is worth it.

The New Creation Show choir placed 7th in their division in Omaha.

The New Creation Show choir placed 7th in their division in Omaha.



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