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February 18th, 2017 was a night for the books for Royal Flush including members Luis Corona, ‘17, and Trevor Short, ‘16. They performed an acoustic set of songs from the 90’s. Another key member of Royal Flush is Dawson Schmidt, ‘17, but he couldn’t attend this gig.

Royal Flush performed at a benefit to raise money for a few local bands including Royal Flush, Treason 319, Central Ave, Varuna, Arias, and Black Hilt. The admission was $5 and the benefit 319 Fund Fest was held at Groundswell at 281 3rd Avenue in Cedar Rapids.

Royal Flush performed at Groundswell but they usually set up their own performances at the Artisan Sanctuary. Royal Flush practices every Wednesday for around an hour and a half at the Eastern Iowa Arts Academy. They usually make around $20- $400 depending on how many people attend the gig.

Royal Flush became a band around two years ago. “We became a band because Trevor and Dawson were in the same global studies class and one day we all just kind of started talking and I was added in,” Corona said.

Corona loves performing. “My favorite thing is definitely the rush. Seeing everybody supporting us and being able to do what I love and also get paid makes me feel really good,” he said.

Schmidt also loves performing. “I like the energy. I feel comfortable when I perform. I love the uniqueness of performing in a local band. It’s not something that everybody does. It’s not a sport or a music activity that we do in school, it’s something different,” he said.

Royal Flush has a new album coming out in a few weeks. “Our new album will be on Itunes, Spotify, and Google Play. It’ll cost around $10 and hard copies will be out not long after that,” Corona said.

“Come out to watch and add us on Twitter @Royal_Flush_DLT. You can also go to and look up Royal Flush Blown Fuze for all of our other hits,” he said. The boys appreciate the support and they hope everybody keeps their ears open and attends the next gig


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