Robotics: the new rage


Teams scour the room for competition and make the last minute changes to their robot that could be beneficial, while taking notes of the strong competitors. This is what an average robotics competition looks like for sophomore, Nick Ryan.

Ryan is a member of the robotics team and enjoys all aspects of the club. “The best part is bonding with my teammates and getting the job done,” he said.

Robotics provides various opportunities that can help participants in many ways. “There’s a lot of good opportunities such as food drives and can drives to help us get money for competitions,” Ryan said. For other members, robotics helps them in other ways. “I participate in robotics so it looks good on my college application,” Neil Sharma, junior, said.

Robotics is fun for this team, but it comes with some challenges. “The hardest part is starting from scratch and starting on a new robot,” Sharma said.

Like any team, they’re expected to make improvements along the years. “This season we’re learning new things and it’s still a lot of fun,” Ryan said. “I think we’re doing better than last season. [I think the rest of the season will] turn out pretty good and I have a lot of hope for our team,” Sharma said.

Being optimistic can make the road to success a little more enjoyable.


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