Religion in public high schools


Religion is talked about quite a bit in high school. Around Marion High school someone has been putting up papers with Bible verses and religious quotes on student lockers.

There has been some controversy about if this should be happening. Nolan Freymark, sophomore, said, “I think it’s a great idea, it gets people reading the scripture and it gets people wanting to learn, [about God].” Freymark thinks that it’s important to have religion invested in his school day. He said it keeps him in check and gives him something to live by.

However, some people don’t feel the same way. “You shouldn’t be pushing your religion on people, you should be asking permission when talking about religious things,” Anya Shobert, sophomore said. She went on further saying religion shouldn’t be a part of our school day at all. “We go to a public school and not everybody has the same religion, it’s not right to input religion at our school,” she said.

MHS is somewhat diverse with religion. While it may be important to some, to others it’s not. As a student body, respecting others opinions and choices is what should be done.


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