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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has been a holiday classic for many years. According to a recent study done by People Magazine, 83% of people think that Rudolph is their favorite holiday movie. The film has been loved by many, but there has been a recurring theme in the news and social media, that Rudolph has some harsh content that people don’t want their kids to be exposed.

It all started a few days ago when the song “Baby it’s Cold Outside” was removed from all Canadian radio stations because some of the lyrics have recently been discovered as inappropriate and derogatory towards women. The hit song is now being viewed as a man begging a woman to spend the night at his house. This song is removed from the Canadian radio station is what kicked off all the investigation in some of the holiday classics.

For the past 50 years, this movie has been loved by kids and families, and now, it is being called “Abusive and problematic.” So what scenes and themes in the movie are being called these things? The movie is being called these things because of the treatment Rudolph was receiving from the other reindeers and Santa. But those scenes are what make the movie powerful.

The movie does have a few scenes that are a little harsh and some of the comments and judgment that Rudolph and maybe they could change some parts of the movie because it is a children’s movie, but the without the comments, the true meaning of the movie would not have been clear. The whole meaning of the movie is that Rudolph was able to overcome the bullying and oppression without changing who he was to try and fit in with the rest of the reindeer. Rudolph gained the respect of Santa and all the other reindeer and they apologized and accepted him how he his.

It relates to some of the problems that people of color, women, and other minorities were facing at the time this movie was released. Racism and sexism was a much larger problem in the ’60s when this movie came out, so at the time they created this movie, some of the things that people now find offensive, were a more normal and relevant issue. The movie has taught many children the lesson of not to pick on or bully those that are different and that if they are the ones being picked on, that they can come back from it and people will see their true potential. Those two lessons are the whole point of the movie and those should be the focus of the movie, not all the minor flaws in the movie, that keep in mind, was created almost 60 years ago.


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