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By: Baylea Bruce @Baylea_marie [Yearbook Editor]

Hearing the roar of the crowd, she steps onto the court. Along with the fans in the stands, her own teammates are going crazy. She’s not at home, on the familiar courts in the red gym. She’s now in uncharted territory, the big leagues. The team on the other side of the net what the exact same thing that they have worked so hard for all season. At the end of it all one team will move on to the next step in their journey for gold, the other’s will be cut short. This is what Olivia Frazier, senior, and her teammates on the volleyball team will be experiencing in just a short couple of hours.

This is not Frazier’s first time attending this big event, she went with last years team. Frazier has picked up a couple of pre-state rituals, “Usually I take a 20 minute nap two hours before for some energy. I also take two excedrin before the game. Abby Phillips started it last year and I kept doing it,” explained Frazier.

While Frazier has her own personal traditions, the team does some things together to get hyped. “We do three cheers right before we warm up. We also take three minutes in the locker room to visualize the game,” commented Frazier. For Kenzie Redmond, sophomore, this is her first state game and the pre-game precautions keep her from psyching herself out. “I’m not nervous yet. Our team read a championship game plan that helps keep our emotions stay steady,” elaborated Redmond.

While tensions may be a little high at times, these kind of games are what players dream of playing. “Everybody is so much more energetic. The game itself is more competitive because it’s better teams. It’s a lot more fun,” shared Frazier. The girls will take the court at six o’clock at the U.S. Cellular Center to take on Louis Central.   

The varsity volleyball team prepares for the game tonight, getting rid of all the nerves.

The varsity volleyball team prepares for the game tonight, getting rid of all the nerves.


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