Positives about summer sports


Every time summer comes around there is always a thought that is running through the head. What can I do to stay active? Should I join a summer sport or activity? The answer should be yes. Summer sports are beneficial, not boring.

One of the best ways to stay healthy is being active, and the best way to be active is with friends. Many people find it fun to be in sports with their best friend or any close people they know. There is no better feeling than getting through a hard practice and then feeling so good and cleansed. Sweating a little bit won’t do any harm.

Another advantage of doing sports/activities in the summer is burning calories. Most would say, “getting that summer bod”. All that hard work pays off eventually. No matter what anybody looks like, burning calories is rewarding and healthy.    

Most summer activities are for short amounts of time anyway. There are practices during the week, but they are only for about one to two hours long. That’s nothing. Most are in the morning so a lot of people would still be sleeping. There isn’t anything to miss out on in the morning except sleep. Getting better is way “better” than sleep.

If one isn’t in a sport then why not try something new? Regretting something someday is worse than trying and not liking it. People meet their best friends while trying new things. Trying something new is an opportunity to push yourself and get better. Being uncomfortable can help with decisions and toughness later in life.      

Summer activities/sports are very helpful in so many ways. There is nothing greater than trying something different than the usual. A new adventure is right ahead waiting to be taken. Just do it.  


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