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By: Kenzie Redmond @kenzie_redmond2 [Video Editor]

She hands the baton to her teammate as she crosses the finish line during the track meet. She wears running leggings and a long sleeve because the wind is brutal. Here is where confusion comes into play. How does one know what to wear with the bipolar weather we have?

This is a typical scenario for runners. It may be pouring or sunny, but one must pack accordingly. Running in warm weather is what many people would rather due versus cold weather, but it’s not like we get to decide.

Running in warm weather makes it easier to warm up and loosen your muscles. An undershirt is obviously not needed if a runner is already warm. Sometimes it is easier to run without all of the extra layers. There are less restrictions with less layers. But what if it’s raining? The weather conditions can change within minutes during the spring in Iowa.

Track runners have to run through all conditions, unless there is lightning or a severe storm. But with this comes setbacks. A person not only has to focus on running to their top potential to get a good time, but also has to worry about what to wear, and how to stay warm or cool.

Running in cold weather isn’t what most runners would choose. A long sleeve may not be enough, but it’s not like a person can throw on a sweatshirt over their uniform. Cold weather calls for multiple layers, however there is usually a dress code as to what the athletes are allowed to wear with their uniform.

Keep in mind, the wind. Wind is a huge factor. A person may have to run the home stretch or the curve, and it could either apply pressure and slow you down, or give that extra boost to power through.

This being said, plan with a purpose. Pack for warmth and for cold conditions because you never know when Mother Nature will change her mind.


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