Perfectly crazy Iowa weather


Iowa and the rest of the Midwest is known for its uncanny weather patterns. But this insane weather affects all the current sports of Marion High School in a mostly negative way. Due to the several snowstorms Iowa has had in the last few weeks, several sports, like track, have been affected or have had meets cancelled. Chloe Trca, 19’, is a member of track, and has seen firsthand how the weather has affected the sport.

Trca enjoys working out, hanging out with her friends, and she also like to run in track. Last year, Trca qualified for the Drake Relays, which is basically one of the most important meet. “It’s always a fun experience, the weather last year was the best,” Trca said. The track team did their best at the meet and overcame the weather occuring last April as well.

The weather has affected all events this year for track, with one meet cancelled, and no one has technically qualified for Drake Relays because of it. Trca said that the cancelations was for the greater good. “It’s unsafe to have runners run in these conditions” Trca said. Everyone’s dealing with this weather, but it seems to be turning around for the best now. Kay Mundy, 20’, has also seen this weather and what it has done to the track.

Mundy enjoys reading and drawing, along with running with or without her dog. She didn’t qualify for Drake Relays last year, but she did compete. “I was seen as someone with potential to cover for someone who was injured.” Mundy said.

She also agrees that the weather this month so far has definitely affected track and qualifications for Drake Relays. The team has had very little practices or sprints and the gyms were occupied a lot of the time so they could not just move at all indoors. The weather is turning around a bit, but as Mundy said, “I mean, it is Iowa,” so who knows what will happen.

Track and others sports were greatly affected by the weather occurring, with track not having anyone qualify for one the the biggest meets. All the school can hope for is that the weather will be like it’s supposed to, nice and 70 degrees, with rain on a couple of occasions. But the track team will try to prevail, no matter the weather. “Our team isn’t letting the weather get the best of us,” Mundy said. So when the weather outside is frightful, we just need to hope it gets delightful.


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