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The parking lot at MHS has quite a few issues, from inexperienced drivers who can’t park, to a complete lack of parking spots. This has been a problem for years, but this year has been especially bad. With construction taking away around ten spots and an increasing number of underclassmen able to drive, there just aren’t enough places to park. When the parking lot is full the administration requests that we park at the tennis court lot, but as the weather gets colder, not many students choose that option. With the tennis court being almost a block away many people refuse to walk that far to class. Instead, students have been “creating” their own parking spots by parking wherever they choose. Some students park outside of the lines on the end, in visitor spots, or even in the teacher lot risking a Saturday restitution. The illegal parking has made the parking lot a dangerous place. Students even park in handicap spots risking fines to make it to class without walking a block. After school as parents lineup to pick up their kids cars squeeze between the cars parked on the end, and students rush to get out of the rows. The parents picking up their kids also pull into the actual parking lot blocking the lane so no one can can leave until that kid gets into their car. Something needs to be done about the parking lot before any accidents happen.

Many people have ideas for ways to fix the parking situation some as simple as parking permits, and some a bit more aggressive such as not allowing freshman to park in the parking lot at all. At Washington High School in Cedar Rapids they do things a little bit different than us. For starters they have two parking lots, as well as everyone has a parking spot, but some students have priority parking spots. Seniors with a 3.5 or higher GPA get first dibs, then juniors with a 3.5, then seniors with below a 3.5 and so on. With this system, students are encouraged to keep their grades up, and no one can park where you want to because your spot is your spot. The office would sell the permits, which would be pure profit fundraiser for the school, as well as ensuring all the spots are full and no one has the same spot. The office selling the spots would also inform them on whether or not we even have enough spots for everyone who wants to park. We need to implement parking permits, the parking situation at MHS has been a problem for way to long.


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  1. In the latter half of the 1980s, and prior to that I’m sure, there was a permit system in place. Each year parking permits were sold to students, for a dollar or two, the school in return was able to keep track of who and what was parking in the school lot. I drove during my upperclassman years (junior & senior) and carpooled with 3 or 4 classmates. It wasn’t uncommon for a group of friends to ride together. We also had a semi-retired attendant that watched the parking lot all day and helped direct traffic during peak times. We also understood his word was law, if he found fault with your driving on school grounds or parking there you would lose your parking privilege. There are ways to make it better and safer if there is the will

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