Overcoming struggles in speech


Every year presents a new challenge for students in speech. They have to come up with new and original acts to set themselves apart from the competition. Coming up with acts that will set themselves above the rest is already hard enough as is, but when disorganization is thrown into the mix, coming up with acts becomes ten times harder. One member of the speech team, Emily Cejka, senior, is beginning to feel this almost insurmountable stress.

“This year’s speech season has been stressful on me because of the short period of time we get to practice,” said Cejka, “We received groups three weeks in advance.” Some would expect a senior to be able to handle this considering seniors are on the cusp of adulthood where you’re expected to handle stress every day. However, having three weeks to come up with an original act that will win the highest award for Speech is hard for any student, regardless of where they’re at on their journey to adulthood. “As a senior, even that was too short of time for me,” said Cejka.

Not only does the abruptness throw the team off balance, not making decisions as a cohesive unit has thrown an extra wrench into the problems the team already faces. “Another thing that frustrated me is that sometimes decisions are made without consulting the people that they affect,” said Cejka. By not making decisions together, the team is thrown into a situation where not everyone is on the same page. If everyone is not on the same page, the team’s ability to give the best performance possible is jeopardized.

Despite facing some serious obstacles, Cejka and the rest of the team are determined to not let these obstacles stop them from being successful. The speech team has been successful in previous years, making appearances in the All-State Speech competition from 2004 to 2010 and returning back last year after an eight year hiatus. The team’s first competition of the year is set for January 14th where they plan to show that no obstacle can stop them from creating another legacy of success and excellence.


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