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In today’s world communication is a breeze, we have the access to almost all the different types of communication right at our fingertips with cellphones. With such easy ways to talk to other people through phones there is a lot of positives, but also some negatives.

Some positives are the instant line of communication between two devices so in case of emergency or just wanting to talk another person can be reached almost instantaneously and with all the different apps on the phones there are easy ways to post and see what friends and family are up to through social media.

One of the negatives of having such instant communication and access to social media, is the bullying, negative or false news that is spread, and the hateful bashing of others. Some of the people on social media feel the need to post harsh stuff about other people that can lead to depression and in some more serious cases these post can result in suicides.

More times than not, when people post negatively about someone, they wouldn’t actually say it to that person’s face, so they hide behind a screen. What does being behind a screen change? It is just as hurtful and more embarrassing as it being said directly to their face so why do it? It’s more embarrassing for the person on the receiving end of these post because it is out on the internet where more people can see making something that could have been handled privately, everyone else’s business.

When someone post on a social media account, it is instantly put out where everyone can see and even if it gets deleted, it’s still out there somewhere so it will never truly be gone. If it’s something mean or hateful, then there is a good chance that someone has it saved in some way so they can go back and look at it. Sometimes other people that see the post will try and get in on the action by reposting it or commenting on it so they can get their opinion in on the original post. Doing things like that doesn’t help the situation at all because for one, if it does get out of hand or reported then the people that commented could also suffer the consequences and for two, it will just escalate the whole problem and can result in a big argument over some silly and mean post that was completely unnecessary.

It is understood that the point of having social media is to be able to post what on someone’s mind or to update followers of what’s happening in life. That does not mean that if something or someone in their life upsets them or doesn’t agree with a view of theirs that they have the right to go on social media or directly message another human being, that also makes mistakes just like everyone else, something hateful or negative a message. People that do post things or say things like this should think what it would feel like if someone said that to them.

Getting to have all these different types of communication and social media we should not take for granted because it’s something that improves the lives of some by getting to see what others are up to and nothing is worse that scrolling through a social media feed and seeing nothing but negativity and silly fights between two or more people that should have been handled privately but they felt the need to do it publicly where everyone can see and join in on. If someone does see something rude posted about another person or drama going on between people over social media, they should just ignore it or if it’s bad enough report it to someone before it gets too out of hand.


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