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Kenzie Redmond [Community Editor] @kenzie_redmond2

It is bogus that fans can’t have signs in the student section during sporting events. According to IGHSAU regulations, fans can’t hold up any type of sign to show their support for a specific player or team. Some factors need to be kept in consideration.

One of these factors is that students can shout out anything they want. Yes, they may get into some type of trouble, but a student can say whatever they want, but they aren’t allowed to write down anything they want? There’s no difference in this. It doesn’t make sense how verbal versus visual can make a huge difference.

Another factor is that the students watching want to be able to support the team or a specific player. Holding up a sign is just another way to cheer them on, but this option is something that isn’t allowed. A person can draw just as much attention to themselves by shouting out something as they can making a sign and holding it up for all to see.

The last factor is that one specific person can shout something from the student section but it may not be heard on the court or the field. Holding up a sign to support one’s team is a visual for them and it may even be a way of motivation. People can’t always hear what a person may have said. A sign can be taken away if inappropriate, but a person can’t take back the words they could have easily shouted instead.

The ability to speak out anything a person may want to say, visualization, and the ability to have that extra motivation, are all taken away from us as fans, due to this regulation. This regulation is something that could potentially help a team if it wasn’t a rule. It’s much easier to get rid of a sign, than it is to back the words that somebody may have shouted.

At the home volleyball game the student section cheers the volleyball team on.

At the home volleyball game the student section cheers the volleyball team on.


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