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Every couple of months Netflix releases new movies and t.v. shows. This causes a roar of excitement from all Netflix users who are always trying to find a new, quality shows to start binge watching.

Netflix has a common theme for advertising new shows and movies on the front page, but there are a ton of shows that watchers never hear about. There are some quality shows that people never notice because they are not advertised.

Some of the new releases lately on Netflix are causing a huge uproar. Stranger Things is a new mystery taking over the television world with an element of shock and even some creepy aspects.

The Lizzie Mcguire movie, a cute and cheesy movie from old school Disney Channel has just hit Netflix as well. This is exciting news for those who were avid Disney Channel watchers in their youth.

On the topic of Hillary Duff, another new release is the original Cinderella Story, which is another good movie for young adults reminiscing on their youth.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is another recent addition to Netflix, which makes all adults and even teenagers excited to watch Matthew Broderick perform his antics on his day off from school.

Dazed and Confused is another movie exciting lots of adults who remember watching it when it came out. It stars Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck celebrating their last day of high school with rowdy teenagers.

There are even more new and updated Netflix shows and movies that have just been added and lots of people are getting excited about it. There are many movies and shows that go unwatched, and looking into the new releases will open up a whole new world of shows.

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