Names that stick


Everyone has had that one nickname they don’t like and people continue to call you by that. That name becomes a brand and what you are known by, some can be good, and some can be awful.
There are some great nicknames out there, Nick Young from the Los Angeles Lakers, goes by the name Swaggy P. In most scenarios, the athletes make up the name themselves and hoping it sticks.
Nicknames are great, it can make friends closer or develop a brand for yourself. Nicknames can also be bad which you don’t want. Greg Oden was the first pick of the NBA draft and never had anything close to an outstanding career, he is known as Bust.
The many factors come to play in choosing a nickname. Well, nicknames should be given to you by friends or family first of all. You can’t just give yourself a nickname and try to make it stick. You could just change your name like NBA player Metta World Peace from Ron Artest, that solves all problems.
You have to be careful with what nickname you give yourself or the things you do to maybe earn that nickname. A person’s behavior, the way they look, or one occurrence can make a nickname that could sometimes stick for a lifetime.


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My name is Blair Brooks and I am a junior at Marion High School. I am the Video Editor for the Vox Online. My activities and interests include track and field, football, baseball, and world domination. I am a one time Staffer of the Week with many more to come. I am the school record holder in most times being blacklisted in the journalism room. I sit across from JD.

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