Mother nature finally listened


With April in full swing, forecasts are showing that the weather in Iowa is taking a turn for the better. No longer are the days of hoping for a grand high of 40 degrees. Now, it’s time to lovingly welcome days with a serene temperature of 70 degree. People don’t have to pull out their boots and coats anymore because now they’re pulling out their shorts and tee shirts. However, it can be difficult to figure out what to do with the brand new, fantastic change in weather. With a little bit of help, all fears of what to do with the warmer weather will be put to rest.

One great way to enjoy the recent change in weather is to take a walk. While the thought of physical activity is at first unappealing, taking a walk keeps a person healthy and it gives them the best opportunity to enjoy the weather. Taking a walk on the Boyson Trail is a perfect example of enjoying the weather. Other people are already taking a walk, sometimes with their dog or their friend, so why would someone reading this want to be the last one to the party. So even if someone feels like it’s either too late to go on a walk or simply just doesn’t want to, there’s another way to enjoy the weather.

There’s one more way to enjoy the pleasant weather, and it is probably the easiest for most people. Take a drive around town with the windows down and get the music loud. Better yet, get some friends to come with, and peak enjoyment will be achieved. With people saying there’s nothing to do in Marion, driving around is often the thing to do. So why not take advantage of the one thing people can do in this town? The answer is there is no reason why someone shouldn’t take advantage. At the end of the day, whether it be a walk, driving around town, or doing something else, it’s a perfect time to take advantage of the weather.


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