Merry Chrimmus everyone!


This past week at the high school has been pretty slow. The excitement of Holiday Break has slowed the momentum of many students, but there is something that still has some sense of momentum. Holiday sweaters. Yes, sweater weather is usually when fall starts, but holiday sweater weather usually lasts from the week before to the week after Christmas. The super festive and jingling sweaters have been rampant through the halls.

Anya Schobert, junior, has been rocking the holiday outfits all week. Schobert has found her holiday sweaters from the thrift stores. She doesn’t just wear sweaters, she had a pair of socks to go with them too which are a big part of her looks too. Many may wonder the reason for the holiday outfits, for Schobert, “Because I love being in the holiday spirit,” said Schobert. The festive outfits keep Schobert and other students that see them in the holiday spirit.

Some people might think they don’t have time in the morning to put together a whole holiday gettup, but Schobert planned ahead for this festive week. “You can pick out all you outfits Sunday night and not have to worry about it for the rest of the week,” explained Schobert. Planning ahead for a week of extravagant holiday outfits is the way to go.

Although all her outfits were fun and festive, she did have a favorite. “ The first day, I wore a snowflake sweater and Christmas corgi socks,” said Schobert.

Some of the teachers got a little festive with their outfits too. Mrs. Paige Junge was one of those teachers, “A black mock turtleneck from Goodwill with beads and pearls. I feel very 80’s,” said Junge. Like Schobert, Junge got her sweater from a thrift shop.

All day everyday was Schoberts plan of attack for the holiday spirit. She wore a sweater almost everyday and socks everyday. “All but Thursday because I had a basketball game for cheer, however I was still wearing Christmas socks,” said Schobert. Even on a day where she was required to wear her cheer uniform, she still managed to throw a little holiday spirit in her outfit.

Keeping holiday break in her mind has kept her motivated to get through this last week before break. “The fact that I haven’t tanked all my classes, I’m not overly stressed, and Merry Chrimmus,” said Schobert. This week has seemed like a finals week even though there is still a little over a week of classes when we get back from break.

Schobert has a plan for break that many students also have, “To catch up on sleep I haven’t been getting and wear Christmas socks,” said Schobert. With a crazy week of classes and testing, students sometimes miss out on the sleep they need.

With the break starting, many students will get to relax and get into the holiday spirit. Festive sweaters, socks, pants, hats, and almost any other type of clothing can be found with some holiday cheer in it.


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