Mentor on Monday’s-is it worth it?


The day everyone dreads- Monday. Waking up thirty minutes before an alarm, grabbing the first clothes one can find, and throwing themselves together before starting a brand new week at school. The only thing that can make this dreaded day worse? Having to go to mentor.

Mentor is a class where students have to go to everyday, kind of like a “homeroom.” Tuesday-Friday are spent doing homework and getting help from teachers, which can be very beneficial to students. Monday’s, though, are a different story.

Students are expected to work on “character building” during their mentor period on Monday’s. This consists of reading pointless books about Oprah and other people who have had success in their life. They are great stories, but simply reading out of these books will not help students be successful themselves.

On the Monday’s that aren’t spent reading a book that most students don’t actually comprehend, students are to watch a movie about building character. Sure, movies are great and we can all learn a lot from Will Smith and his acting, but it would be more beneficial to work on homework or study while watching this.

Unfortunately, students are not allowed to work on anything else and must pay attention to the movies. This does not make sense, since we are in school to learn and study, yet students are being forced to watch a blockbuster movie instead.

A way that students could be successful themselves is if they were allowed time to work on homework in mentor on Monday. Not only do students waste thirty minutes of their life “pretending” to read the character building book or watching The Pursuit of Happiness, a movie most of us have seen 100 times, it takes away from being able to study.

Lots of times, students have their parents call them out from mentor on Monday’s, so they can get other stuff done instead of sitting and doing nothing. There is a new rule in action now that a restitution can be given if a student gets called out of this day. So students will now get punished because they would rather study at home or be productive instead of sitting in a classroom and not paying attention?

A way this could be fixed could be only having a study hall on Monday’s, or maybe only doing character building once a month. The recurring theme of having to dread going to mentor on Monday is getting old, and students want a fix. Monday’s are already the worst day of the week, so why prolong it by forcing students to do pointless tasks?


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