Meals on wheels: a volunteer opportunity to help disadvantaged families


One in five households with children didn’t have sufficient funds to purchase enough food last year, according to a report released this month by the Food Research & Action Center (FRAC), and troubling enough as that is, during the holiday season this can become an even bigger problem because most of those families won’t be able to afford a holiday meal to share with their loved ones. This is where Meals on Wheels zooms in to help out.

Meals on Wheels is a program that delivers meals to the homes of individuals who are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals. Volunteer opportunities are also available and that’s where Marion High School student David Reisner, freshman, comes in to help.

“It feels good to help out especially with something like this that has an impact outside my immediate life,” said Reisner.

Reisner has been volunteering for Meals on Wheels for the past three years with his family. He also volunteers with the Sunday evening meals program at First Lutheran Church in downtown Cedar Rapids. “I enjoy volunteering because doing something of consequence feels great,” he said.

Reisner originally started with Meals on Wheels because his church’s confirmation class required volunteer hours and his mom suggested it. “My first impression was that it was cold and I couldn’t believe people did this for hours but afterwards it felt very rewarding,” said Reisner.

Now, Reisner and his family plan on helping out in future years. His mom even says, “It was worthwhile because the people who would otherwise be lonely during the holidays would have a few moments with company and get a warm meal.”

And Reisner agrees saying, “Anyone who can get involved should. I really believe that this is a good cause.” And really anyone can help out, “There’s always a lot of little kids there just helping out anyway they can.” said Reisner.

So whether a person need volunteer hours, are wanting to get more involved in the community, or just have free time to spend helping out families in need, Meals on Wheels would gladly welcome any who would give their efforts to feed disadvantaged families.


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